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Make up Tips To be able Durable Without Foundation
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Beautiful views throughout the day is a dream for every woman. In addition to want to look fresh, too, can become its own attraction for women. Can say From day to day women always pay attention to his appearance, facial appearance is no exception. Many women who are trying to make the appearance of his face became interesting. Now, to meet the needs of women are now commercially booming beauty products or the more often we are familiar with makeup. Make up a set of tools used to apply makeup. From one of the makeup there are known as powder. So most of them always berias to an impressive beauty. Actually, looking beautiful does not have to use makeup or powder that is very thick or often referred to as naturally beautiful. Then what is beautiful have to use makeup? Of course not, you can still look beautiful with a natural sheen and minimalist or thin.

Make no foundation can still generate a form that is not less beautiful makeup with makeup to foundation. Now hear this is certainly the in your mind is the makeup will not last long. It is wrong, make-up without foundation can still last a long time if you know the techniques to be applied. Well of course you've been curious to know how to make up in order to be durable without foundation? Immediately, note the following review!

This is Make up Tips To Can Durable Without Foundation

  • The first step you can do is wash your face first with clean water and facial foam.
  • Furthermore, after a certain face is clean, rinse again with use cold water to the face appear fresh look.
  • Use a toner to make your face look more fresh than ever before.
  • For the security of your face from the sun, it is prepared in advance using a sun block with a color that suits your skin. But we can be sure the color is not as black as sunblock now like foundation.
  • After that you sprinkle the powder you normally use.
  • Wait until it starts to converge on your face, you can sprinkle the powder on the back of your face.
  • It's time you can apply your blush. When using blush also include tips you should know that shuffle the first blush that is in the new brush you can apply on your face. This is done so as not to look thick and stretchy when applied.
  • Last use lipstick or lip gloss to add freshness to the lips.

Now that's a few tips that you can do to make up for durability even without a foundation. Associated with the foundation, now a lot of cosmetics, especially the type of foundation on the market. However you should be careful enough. Because it is known that many cosmetics are made from chemicals is certainly very dangerous for the health condition of the body. You can be more selective in choosing and using various kinds of cosmetics. The price is expensive does not guarantee the safety of the product itself. Many explanations of this time may be beneficial to us all.

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